How Project Management Tools Increase Productivity and Collaboration
A robust project management system is key to driving business success for any organisation. There are a lot of moving parts involved in complex projects and having the best project management process in place is necessary to keep everyone on task and meet deadlines.
October 2, 2018

A robust project management system is key to driving business success for any organisation. There are a lot of moving parts involved in complex projects and having the best project management process in place is necessary to keep everyone on task and meet deadlines.

There is no shortage of project management tools (or pm tools) and software in today's modern business world. Gone are the days of cumbersome spreadsheets and GANTT charts. Many people use Slack, Trello, Basecamp or Asana, but there are dozens of options to choose from.

Quality project management software will keep everyone involved in the project up to date, in real time. Here's what to look for.

Team Collaboration Features

Look for project management tools that give team members an easy way to communicate and collaborate about project progress and goals. Project managers need to have everyone on the same page, be able to adjust deadlines and address issues without emailing or calling several different people for answers.

The software you choose should give team members more control and increase visibility across the entire organisation, so no one is in the dark. Project management tools give workers a central place to manage and share work, so everyone stays on the same page and work doesn't get duplicated due to a lack of communication.

When organisational leaders can manage the project for one place, it's easier to manage the team's workload, identify who is performing well, who might have too much on their plate and who is struggling and needs help.

Project management programs with built-in direct messaging and chat streams help coworkers centralise communication in one place, whether there are 10 people involved in an issue or there's a one-on-one problem to solve. For example, the social performance management software Samewave helps teams manage projects and save time by giving team members an avenue to collaborate without sending endless emails and having long, unproductive meetings.

File Sharing and Storage

Have you ever dug through your email or computer files to search for a document or report only to have to hunt down the person who sent it in the first place? Are you ever working from a different computer or away from the office when a board member asks for a report or project plan?

The best project management and collaboration tools help solve this problem by incorporating file sharing and storage right within the software. Each project can have its own section for storing files, so you can access easily them anytime, anywhere. The best tools will also help eliminate manual reporting and generate reports automatically.

Samewave has an automatic stream reporting feature that keeps team members in the know with a rundown of the team’s performance compared to their goals that can be even be emailed to leaders on a regular basis.

Accountability Towards Goals and Tasks

Putting project goals, deadlines, milestones and assigning tasks to individual team members is one thing. Holding people accountable to those goals and deadlines is another story. Does your project management software have features that help people track progress towards their goals in a transparent place?

Samewave uses the philosophy of Promise-Based Management to get team members to track their progress towards goals, tasks and targets right within the software. Every member of the project can log in and view the progress of their coworkers and direct reports, as well as the percentage of promises they have kept. People are naturally more likely to accomplish a goal or task when it's publicly recorded, so the transparency of Samewave increases accountability and adherence to goals naturally.

A supervisor can assign tasks by requesting a promise of a direct report within the app, and once the task or goal has been completed they check it off. They can make notes, ask questions and collaborate about promises within the app, reducing the amount of time spent in meetings.

Task Management Features

Your project management software should always include easy-to-navigate task management tools. Look for a program that lets you create to-do lists and manage deadlines, updating your team automatically.

Checklists are a powerful task management tool that lets team members streamline their projects and business processes. With Samewave, you can create task lists for the things you need to complete at any frequency to capture and measure your promises to coworkers while automatically updating every person in the project, eliminating the need for status updates.

Mobile Apps

In today's world full of technology, busy professionals need a project management app they can take on the go. Make sure you use software that has native applications for Windows PCs and Mac computers as well as iPhone and Android mobile phones.

When team members are traveling or on the go they still need to collaborate and share information and files. With Samewave, you can access multiple project files, your chat streams and reports no matter where you are.


Make sure you choose a project management tool that is safe and secure. Many projects have budgets and their clients’ confidential information stored in the software they use on a regular basis. Before you choose any new software for your business, read the fine print and develop a clear understanding of how the program keeps your data safe.

Streamline Your Business Processes Today With Smart Project Management Tools

Are you ready to foster a more productive, collaborative work environment, create seamless workflows and collaboration processes with a project management tool that makes things easier and saves time?

Complex projects become more simple to manage when you have intuitive software that tracks performance, project process and allows team members to communicate efficiently without creating long, cumbersome email threads. Implement the right project management tools within your organisation today to start working smarter, not harder.

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