Samewave contains only the features you need to track, measure and discuss promises. From promises creation and capture through to the collation of promises in scoreboards, your team is about to achieve new levels of engagement and productivity.


Keep the conversation focused on what matters by mentioning your team members, and highlighting files and goals for attention.

  • Create group conversations or private chats when you need to take things offline.
  • @mentions and #hashtags help direct the debate exactly where you need it.
  • Store files securely in the cloud so the data you need is always at hand.
  • Take control of when you're notified by the app, to stay up to the minute, or to mute all noise when you need deep focus.


Create, assign, track and talk about the key objectives and targets that will get your mission accomplished.

  • Create and assign tasks for singular actions that need to be done.
  • Create targets for number-led goals.
  • Checklists can be made for those lists you need to get through. Perfect for recurring tasks and workflows.


A scoreboard for every team, a narrative for every goal and a status for every person. Truly actionable insight.

  • Invite your team members into streams and watch as promises get delivered!
  • No need to chase updates on goals - the data is right there along with the context you want to know.
  • Less time chasing updates on performance means more time focusing on the things that really matter!


Reports on a stream's activity is sent automatically to all members inboxes including a summary of goal performance and other activity. Think of it as your virtual meeting notes, and actions - automated!

  • You can choose the time and frequency of when the reports are sent to suit your team's needs.
  • Stream reports capture the narrative of the team's performance and what the hot topics are, helping you navigate to the burning issues.
  • Notification management means you're in control of when Samewave talks to you. It can be a harsh taskmaster or silent - it's your call!
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Our features in full.

ALL these features are included in Samewave, completely free!
  • Teams
    Bring your team together and watch productivity soar.
  • Individuals
    Track your own personal goals and measure progress over time.
  • Tasks
    Create and assign tasks for the goals that need to get ticked off.
  • Targets
    Create and assign targets for numerical goals, whether high or low.
  • Multi-team switching
    Working in different teams? Jump quickly and securely between them.
  • Chat
    Discuss the progress of your goals with your team members.
  • File storage
    Upload files directly or link from your Dropbox account.
  • Scoreboards
    Check the progress of collections of goals in one place.
  • Group streams
    Invite small groups or whole teams to join the conversation.
  • Private streams
    Keep your one-on-one conversations to yourselves.
  • Search
    Comprehensive app-wide search surfaces everything in an instant.
  • Pinboard
    Pin anything so your important items are close at hand.
  • Notifications
    If you need to know, you'll be notified, whether you're in the app or not.
  • Stream reports
    Comprehensive summaries of progress set to the rhythm you choose.
  • Real-time data sync
    No doubting the accuracy of your numbers. Your data is always up-to-date.

Product features.

All included in Samewave, for free.
  • Tasks
    Create one off or repeating tasks for yourself or a teammate then choose how often you want to give or get updates. Now your promise won’t be forgotten and can’t get lost.
  • Targets
    Lots of promises are better expressed in numbers than words. Samewave makes it easy to define and stay updated on one-off or repeat targets like monthly sales or project spend.
  • Checklists
    Create and allocate one off or repeat checklists to control quality – making sure the basics get done time and time again – or to manage mini projects.
  • Chat
    No need to leave the app to discuss progress, Samewave includes beautiful, secure, modern and free desktop and mobile chat software for the whole team.
  • Files
    Upload data, documents and media to your conversations so you always have the context for the discussion at your fingertips.
  • Search
    Samewave quickly becomes a huge knowledge base and data repository. Searching across task, targets, chats and documents is a powerful tool that delivers quick insight.
  • Scoreboards
    Collect groups of tasks, targets and checklists together in a scoreboard for real time progress status and focussed chats with one or more of your team.
  • Reports
    Every stream generates a regular report snapshotting progress and activity. These reports prompt action and make your team meetings more efficient and meaningful.
  • Personal Peformance
    Everyone in the team is ranked in real time against their progress in keeping their promises. A quick glance at your team directory shows who needs help and who is smashing it.

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