Promises are at the heart of everything Samewave does.


Promises are what makes a team tick. Contacting clients, creating action plans, reaching target numbers. No matter what you need to track and measure Samewave can keep it in mind for you.


Now more than ever teams are dispersed across time zones, countries and continents. Samewave is your teams central nervous system that keeps everyone up to speed on the updates that matter.


Informed teams make better decisions with the insight that Samewave provides. Samewave surfaces the numbers you need in line with the rhythm of your business. So you’ll know if the numbers are up to date, or not. And that means you can act decisively and quickly where and when it matters.


The stream is the place where your team comes together to discuss the topics that matter.
Your agenda is driven by the promises you’ve added to the stream, and the discussion is based around the performance against those promises.
No wasted time chasing updates or questioning the accuracy of the numbers.
Set your agenda with a scoreboard.
Gather the promises that matter to your team together in a stream and see the progress you’re making against your project’s deadline. Simple red, amber and green statuses mean you spend more time moving forward than chasing updates.
Keep the conversation focused.
Chat apps make big claims about productivity gains but we know that’s not the whole picture. Samewave enables you to @mention specific team members, highlight specific files you’ve uploaded, and call attention to important goals. And with a customisable notification centre you stay in control of the conversation.
Capture new commitments.
Don’t let the key actions slip away. Instantly turn those inspired comments from your team into new promises, assign them to a team member and put a deadline on it from right there in the chat screen itself.
Get reports on your team’s rhythm.
A performance summary of all the promises being tracked in the stream is sent out to each member whenever suits your team’s rhythm. So if your board meeting is quarterly, or your department catchup is monthly, you’ll have the data to hand no matter where you are.

We're not done yet. Samewave also includes the following ...


  • Tasks
    Create one off or repeating tasks for yourself or a teammate then choose how often you want to give or get updates. Now your promise won’t be forgotten and can’t get lost.
  • Targets
    Lots of promises are better expressed in numbers than words. Samewave makes it easy to define and stay updated on one-off or repeat targets like monthly sales or project spend.
  • Checklists
    Create and allocate one off or repeat checklists to control quality – making sure the basics get done time and time again – or to manage mini projects.
  • Chat
    No need to leave the app to discuss progress, Samewave includes beautiful, secure, modern and free desktop and mobile chat software for the whole team.
  • Files
    Upload data, documents and media to your conversations so you always have the context for the discussion at your fingertips.
  • Search
    Samewave quickly becomes a huge knowledge base and data repository. Searching across task, targets, chats and documents is a powerful tool that delivers quick insight.
  • Scoreboards
    Collect groups of tasks, targets and checklists together in a scoreboard for real time progress status and focussed chats with one or more of your team.
  • Reports
    Every stream generates a regular report snapshotting progress and activity. These reports prompt action and make your team meetings more efficient and meaningful.
  • Personal Peformance
    Everyone in the team is ranked in real time against their progress in keeping their promises. A quick glance at your team directory shows who needs help and who is smashing it.
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