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Samewave works for every member of your team, and no matter if your organisation is big or small you can benefit today.

Samewave fits into your workflow no matter your position in the team.

See how these different team members use the power of Samewave to achieve their goals.

“I need to know what’s expected of me.”

Jack, Team Member

With Samewave, I don’t have to worry about being the only one putting in the effort ...

“I need to know how my team is performing.”

Pria, Team Leader

With Samewave, I don’t need to ask how my team is performing or be concerned about ...

“I need to be able to track the business's key metrics.”

Aaron, Executive Manager

Samewave helps me identify and track the key drivers business-wide so that I can keep ...

“It makes some of the toughest parts of my job a little easier.”

David, Board Member

Samewave’s great for helping me keep track of my business interests' performance ...

The science behind Samewave.

Delve into the behavioural psychology and business methodologies that underpin Samewave.



Promises are at the heart of every company and help ensure work gets done. Without promises, nothing would be achieved. But, all too often and despite the myriad of organisational tools designed to translate your strategy into action, poorly crafted promises are usually the underlying reason behind failure.



Almost every organisation has suffered from the adverse effects of failed goals and poor group motivation. These issues are driven by deep-rooted psychological factors and can be extremely difficult to manage. Moreover, they can have a significant detrimental impact on long-term performance and engagement.

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