How to prevent promise breakdown
A good promise is public, actively negotiated from beginning to end, fully voluntary, and explicit, with an achievable goal.
August 20, 2018

Productive employees and profitable companies are the result of a company-wide dedication to promises. Well-managed commitments ensure that strategies are carried out in a timely manner. Better-kept promises and team accountability directly impact employee engagement, organization, and task execution. However, research reveals that only 50% of promises are reliable, leading managers to waste time repeatedly checking up on their team and  prodding them for results.

There are many reasons for unreliable work promises: communication breakdown between departments, employee overcommitment and disengagement, lack of accountability, and upper-level business stagnation. To remedy this, companies can use promise-based management. This is the systematic collection and monitoring of colleague agreements, while also teaching teams the elements of well-crafted promises.

A good promise is public, actively negotiated from beginning to end, fully voluntary, and explicit, with an achievable goal. Such good promises are the result of a three step process: a meeting in which a common purpose is established and accepted; the execution of the promise; and a public confirmation of results. This entire system of promise-based management engages employees, makes companies more coordinated and flexible, and boosts business performance and profits. Promises need to be both publicly made and tracked so individual performance can be assessed and team members held accountable. This is known as Social Discipline, and is essential to effective promises.

Samewave’s solution to stunted teamwork is a company-wide software designed to maximize motivation and productivity by improving engagement and friendly competition. Essentials like targets, goals, checklists, management reports, chat and discussion channels, public goals, data integration, and a social competition aspect are all included for optimized team performance. Most importantly, Samewave taps into the necessity of teaching and tracking better promises in team streams, eliminating the need for a huge number of face-to-face meetings - without sacrificing communication.

Samewave revolutionizes the sense of individual responsibility and team accountability by giving management at-desk views of any project, team, and individual under their supervision. No promises can get ignored or forgotten, and teams can chat, share, and develop alongside one another without spending hours in meetings. With beautiful, secure, user-friendly design and an emphasis on visual reporting, Samewave is simple to use for maximizing team coordination and productivity.


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