Teamwork software: What every organisation should look for
In today's business world, it's more important than ever for team members to collaborate and communicate on projects...
August 29, 2018

In today's business world, it's more important than ever for team members to collaborate and communicate on projects, especially if they work from varying locations.

Remote teamwork projects can be made easier with the right project management software. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose an enterprise solution that best fits your organisation. Keep reading to learn about the features to look for in the most efficient, practical project management tools.

Task Management Features

Project management tools such as Samewave, Asana, Basecamp and Trello offer task management features that help organise many teamwork projects in real time.

The best teamwork software can track one-time tasks, organise a repeating to-do list, and measure progress towards long-term goals. Users should have the ability to create task lists, assign tasks to team members and measure the progress of every project task easily.

Many programs also have an email integration that allows leaders to receive automatic notifications about progress towards goals on a regular basis.

Communication and Collaboration Abilities

Task management tools are a critical feature for teamwork software, but it is just one component of an effective project management app. Make sure to look for robust communication features when you are considering implementing new software.

Real-time teamwork chat features help team members stay on track without having to schedule pointless meetings, wasting productive time. With remote teams becoming more and more common, project managers can take advantage of easy-to-use chat and collaboration tools and save time.

Some popular project manager platforms include chat features and some rely on task management, but the most powerful teamwork software incorporates both for a seamless, all-in-one experience.

Native Mobile Apps

The best project management solutions include a native platform for every device project team members use to get work done. Native apps mean that the application's mobile app is specifically designed to work on the operating system of the device.

Native apps work more smoothly, run faster, and provide the best user experience. If you're shopping for the best project management solution, you definitely want to ensure they have the applications designed to work on an Android phone, an iPhone, a Mac computer and a Windows PC.

File Sharing and Storage

When any team is communicating about a project in an online environment, there will be an array of documents and files to collaborate on. Choose teamwork software that accommodates file storage, tagging of team members and multimedia messages, plus provides real-time notifications about what matters most.

Robust Reporting Features and Business Insights

Organisations that are fully informed about their own performance and history have the insight needed to make better decisions and can act quickly when they need to alter the course. Look for teamwork software that gives you the numbers and reports you need, when you need them β€” on any platform.

Intuitive project management software gives you the ability to customise which types of reports you get and the frequency of delivery. Team members should be able to receive emails that outline the progress of individual tasks and group targets while increasing employee engagement with transparent access to organisational progress.

No one wants to shuffle through piles of data to get the reports they need. Whether you are answering to C-suite executives or board members, the best project management software gives you instant, simple to read, visual reports about your critical goals that even external stakeholders can quickly understand.

Strong Customer Support and Onboarding

Every account manager knows that implementing any new process or software across a broad team can be challenging. There is a learning curve for every staff member and strong customer service is key to making sure your organisation adopts team software and maximises its abilities.

The company you choose to provide your teamwork software should have a dedicated customer service team or client experience team that helps train your staff in an engaging, exciting matter. Many people resist change, so making sure your team members fully embrace the new software is critical.

Good customer service and engaging training takes the stress out of learning how to use new software, while explaining how it will drive business success and make their lives easier. Be sure to ask companies what their onboarding process looks like for their software solutions. A thorough, interactive training period, continued support after the launch and a robust knowledge base are elements you should look for when partnering with any software company.

Improve Productivity With Social Performance Management Software

So, how does an organisation choose the right teamwork software? You know static GANTT charts and email communications aren't going to cut it anymore, but narrowing down the project management solutions can feel overwhelming.

Project planning and task management doesn't need to be complicated. Consider a different type of project management software. Samewave is social performance management software that takes the guesswork out of teamwork project management for any large or small business.

With the right tools, organisations can manage projects anytime, anywhere. Native mobile and desktop applications, real-time chat streams that facilitate collaboration and communication and the best automatic reporting features in the industry simplify project management into one transparent place.

With Samewave, team members are held accountable to their goals right within the teamwork software by making public promises to one another. Samewave operates on the principle of Promise-Based Management, so everyone can see who is completing tasks and reaching goals, increasing their own levels of commitment and engagement.

There's no free trial to use Samewave β€” it's completely free. If you want a project management tool that increases individual responsibility to goals and tasks and easily measures performance and project process that you can take anywhere, sign up today and start leveraging the power of social technology for good.

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