10 Benefits of Work Messaging Apps for Any Organisation
Collaboration and communication are the foundation of building a successful work environment and culture. There are an array of ways for team members to communicate, and today's modern professional doesn't want to be inundated with emails.
August 29, 2018

Collaboration and communication are the foundation of building a successful work environment and culture. There are an array of ways for team members to communicate, and today's modern professional doesn't want to be inundated with emails.

Emails require a title and lengthy paragraphs, and aren't well suited for quick back-and-forth conversations. Team messaging apps simplify business communications. Read on to learn 10 benefits of adopting a work messaging app for your business.

1. Real-Time Communication

People don't always look at their email all the time. An email chain can get long and difficult to navigate.

Messaging apps are a great way to share information in direct messages and group chats, similar to chat rooms. Team members can send short snippets of information back and forth without clogging up their inboxes.

Many organisations use video conferencing to help bring together remote teams, but video calls can be just as burdensome to people's schedules as phone conferences. Work messaging apps make things simpler with instant, bite-sized communication capabilities.

2. Task Management Features

A work messaging app should provide more than text messaging does. They can monitor progress towards one-time tasks, set up a recurring to-do list, and track progress towards long-term targets.

Team members can develop task lists and assign action items to coworkers and tag them so they get an instant notification, making it easy to track the overall progress in any project.

Many business apps feature an email integration that lets team leaders receive automatic notifications about project progress in customisable intervals.

3. Eliminate Unproductive Meeting Time

Real-time communication features in team messaging apps allows coworkers to stay on track without having to schedule pointless meetings, wasting productive time. Rather than scheduling a team meeting to address a question or issue, team leaders can simply ask questions in team chat streams and get the information they need without carving out an hour or more on everyone's calendar.

A remote workforce becomes more popular every year and smart business professionals leverage collaboration tools to stay connected and save time, no matter where they are.  

4. Increased Productivity

Smartphone applications are commonplace in our modern digital world. Everyone has a broad range of apps on their phone and every notification can be one more thing to address.

Some apps are distracting and hinder work productivity, such as many social media apps. However, streamlining project processes and communication in a team messaging app can increase productivity and improve time management.

5. File Storage and Sharing

The best work messaging apps offer the ability to share files related to a project, store them in the cloud and are easily searchable within the app. Don't worry about if the right person has access to a file they need. They can search for it within any chat stream they have access to.

6. Mobile Apps

While you can view your email on a mobile device, email clients are more suited for desktop use. Team chat apps make it easy to access important information from your iOS device, Android phone, Mac or PC.

People that travel extensively for work also find messaging apps helpful. They can easily communicate with chat conversations and find the information they need right from their iPhones.

7. Automatic Reporting Features

Companies that are truly aware of their history and performance towards organisational goals have the right perceptions and insights regarding how to reach those goals.  

The best work messaging apps can automatically record individual and team performance and generate the necessary numbers and customisable reports, giving leaders the ability to make good business decisions, anytime, anywhere.

Intuitive business applications let team members customise what types of reports they receive and determine how often they receive them. Leaders can automatically get emails that outline the progress towards individual team members' tasks and departmental targets while increasing employee engagement with transparent access towards progress.

Who wants to go through stacks of unorganised data to get the reports they need? Whether you are reporting to C-suite executives or board members, the best business software provides instant, clear, visual reports about your most important goals that anyone can easily understand.

8. Easier Project Management

Quality work collaboration apps have the best features that simplify project management. Team members can create to-do lists and communicate with coworkers about project status and needs.

With a good team messaging app, your teams can streamline business processes and make collaboration easier. There's no need for constant meetings and when you can ask questions and access the right information with a few clicks.

9. Employee Engagement

Team messaging apps just aren't as dry as email communications. Work streams don't have to be purely business-related only. Create a chat stream that gives colleagues an avenue to share personal information or exciting family news.

Have you ever been annoyed by an email thread about a coworker's new baby or recent marriage? Create a chat stream in your work messaging app with the sole purpose of sharing personal news that team members can check at their leisure.

10. Performance Tracking

A solid work messaging app goes beyond offering business chat by integrating a layer of performance management tracking in one place.

Samewave is social performance management software that takes business chat apps to the next level. Team members can use our free app to create tasks and goals, assign them to team members, communicate and collaborate and track progress towards goals in one transparent setting, increasing accountability with broad participation.

Samewave also offers automatic reporting features and file sharing and storage, so you can access the most important company information you need, on any device, whenever you need it.

Best of all, Samewave is a free app you can begin using to increase productivity and collaboration quickly. Sign up today to reap the benefits of an excellent work messaging app for your entire organisation.

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