How to Avoid Communication Fails With Teamwork Chat Apps
Any person who has started a new job, particularly in a large organisation, often feels overwhelmed with how many systems and processes there are to learn and keep up with. It can take some time to get used to how many systems and programs you need to download, get training on and learn how to use effectively.
November 19, 2018

Any person who has started a new job, particularly in a large organisation, often feels overwhelmed with how many systems and processes there are to learn and keep up with. It can take some time to get used to how many systems and programs you need to download, get training on and learn how to use effectively.

Fortunately, today's highly digital work environment empowers team members to communicate and collaborate with tools and software that make things easier. Today, we'll be exploring different project management and collaboration tools that you are likely to encounter in the business world and how they can improve productivity and communication.

Chat Apps Help Streamline Teamwork Projects

There's no shortage of team messaging apps that help streamline the project management process. It's nearly impossible to manage all the communication needed for any project using email alone. You'd never do anything but check your email!

Especially for teams that work remotely, it's important to have a virtual 'teamwork desk' where team members can collaborate and communicate through text, audio calls and video calls about the status of project tasks and goals, plus talk about how they can help one another reach the end goals.

Many companies use a group chat app or social performance management software to keep everyone in the loop. There are many types of project management tools available on the market. Be sure to pick one that fits your organisational needs for the entire team to minimise how many programs each person needs to know how to operate.

Real-Time Communication Features Prevent Communication Failures

Today's business world moves fast and everyone is always on the go. Most team collaboration apps have mobile apps for iOS and Android apps, Windows and Mac that help your whole team collaborate no matter where they are.

Let's imagine a senior executive is on his way to a critical business presentation is and is running late from the airport. A key piece of information needed for the presentation has changed. He shouldn't have to check his email a moment before the presentation starts to get the information. With a good team chat app, he or she will have that information at their fingertips in real time with a notification from the mobile chat app.

Teamwork Channels Create a Productive Chat Environment

When teams work in groups to accomplish goals, they need a dedicated space to communicate, upload files and share information through text messages, video chat and screen sharing. Smart companies use team software that allows users to create channels similar to a chat room for specific purposes.

This allows team members to communicate and collaborate about specific projects without the rest of the organisation needing to be disrupted by chat messages that don't have anything to do with their work. New employees can also be added to the specific chat channels they need to be involved in and they can usually scroll through the past messages to get a clear history of the project.

Teamwork Chat Fosters Rapport and Employee Satisfaction

In large organisations and companies with a partial or remote workforce, it can be difficult to get to know your coworkers. People that like each other, develop friendships with one another and trust each other have a better sense of rapport and work better together.

Many companies use teamwork chat apps for more than just managing business chat. Team members can foster robust team communication and create channels for social purposes. Create a channel such as 'work' for general announcements and 'play' for social conversations.

Just make sure that any social groups are optional and easy to search for. Employees should know they have the option to participate in any social groups and they don't need to keep their notifications on. Other ideas for social chat channels can be based on common interests, such as pets, book clubs, happy hour, hiking, dining, or sports. It's a great way to foster rapport in large teams.

Make File Storage and Sharing Simple

We all know how cumbersome it can be to look for a file in the cloud or company server. While your information technology department houses all the files on the main server for security purposes, it's helpful for team collaboration to have all the files pertaining to a certain project in one place.

In a good teamwork messaging tool, team members can share and store files directly within the app and have the ability to search conversations to find files easily. They can upload and share files, and tag specific people, making sure the right person gets the information they need.

Optimise Collaboration and Boost Productivity With Teamwork Chat Apps

In our modern business world, teams often have to stay highly connected across different times zones and locations. Team chat apps aren't just for communicating information anymore; they have also become a productivity tool that helps team members streamline their work and optimise their business processes.

No matter what apps your organisation chooses to implement, make sure you limit the number of applications you use to avoid confusion and miscommunication. Ideally, an organisation should adopt one to three applications (depending on the size of the organisation) to streamline the process.

Finally, make sure every employee has the proper training on the teamwork chat apps they are expected to use. Even if the app has the best features, it's pointless if your teams don't know how to use it effectively. Offer training when a new team chat app is introduced to the company, refresher courses, and robust training for every new employee to get the most out of each tool your company uses.

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