What's new in Release 1.10
A new version of Samewave fresh out of the production oven for your Samewaving pleasure.
November 19, 2018

A new version of Samewave fresh out of the production oven for your Samewaving pleasure.

Our recent development has been focused on addressing prioritised items from your feedback and progressing the wider product roadmap. Release 1.10 includes a wide range of bug fixes, enhancements and a few new features to boot.

  • My Promises - upgraded!
  • Groups
  • Personal streams
  • Media / Files / Documents

Let's get into the new features…

Improving My Promises

We heard your feedback on the troublesome nature of being able to quickly take stock of your promises, and keep track of promises over time through the Today, This Week & Later tabs in the My Promises screen.

To resolve this we've made a few improvements:

1. Simplifying the My Promises view

We've implemented a simpler two tab layout, split by This Week and All. The This Week tab displays all of your promises that require an action within the current calendar week (Monday to Sunday). While the All tab always displays all of your promises regardless of their due date or status. Both tabs are sorted by due date so you can always see when you need to action your promises by.

Our intention here is to give you a simplified view of what you need to action in the week, via the This Week tab. And, to give you a way to more easily find any other promises that may previously have been hidden from view in the Today, This Week & Later tabs due to their changing due date or status, via the All tab.

2. Making it easier assess what you need to action

Firstly, the red promise notification within the app, that also contributes to the app's overall notification or badge count along with unread messages, is a count of any promises that require your immediate action, i.e. any promises that are overdue, new or due today. This is to give you a top level notification when you have timely actions to complete.

Secondly, we've added counts of the promises to the This Week & All tabs, and the sections within those tabs, so that you can quickly see how many promises you've got at any point in time. We've also made the sections within the tabs collapsible so you can more easily take stock of your promises by when or how you need to action them.

3. Promoting Promises

Promises has been promoted in the main navigation menu on destkop & mobile to give greater prominence and visibility of when you have promises that need to be actioned.

Introducing Groups!

You can now group promises in scoreboards. Each scoreboard, within a stream, can have multiple groups and promises can be put into those groups. Groups will calculate a score, and display a red, amber or green status, based on the average status of the promises within the group.

Groups can be used for a number of things, from enable greater flexibility & customisation in performance views & reporting from the scoreboard, to implementing business management methodologies like OKR's and Balance Scorecard Reporting.

Introducing Personal Streams!

We've added the ability for you to have a private stream with yourself for note taking, files & promises and various other bits & bobs. Chatting to yourself in Samewave isn't crazy, it's useful!

Files, Media, Documents

Where's that file? The Files section now has a handy tab menu to filter files between media and documents, so you can find that file you're always looking for. Look out for a Links tab in the next release.


That's a wrap on the features in this release. As usual there's a treasure trove of bug fixes & enhancements as well. A full change log included below.

Release 1.10.10 changelog

Some new enhancments:

Restored the Dropbox integration for file uploads on mobile.

Set stream reports & personal reports to default off instead of on.

Adding promises to a stream no longer enables stream reports for that stream.

Implemented an onboarding flow for new teams & users.

Implemented default team stream & personal stream creation for new teams & users.

A few updates to Promise behaviour:

Promises with an overdue status should have the overdue status cleared when the due date is extended regardless of previous updates.

Tasks should be able to have a no progress status reported despite being overdue and having previous no progress status reports.

Target data visualisation chart axes should update if the start value is changed.

Promise blocks should not show the due date as due date + 1 on occasion.

Promises shouldn't become new if they're already been acknowledged.

The overdue status should clear if a previous periods overdue entries are updated.

Reporting period changes for targets shouldn't cause duplicate overdue entries.

Editing a promise update caption via the activity record in chat should only be accessible to the user who posted the update.

Tasks with subtasks should always show the correct count despite various subtask changes.

Promise statuses should synchronise across all clients in real time.

Adding a completed promise to a stream shouldn't reset the completed at field.

The promise dot count should update in real time regardless of promise changes.

Promise dot counts should synchronise across all clients in real time.

And, several bugs of renound squashed:

Occasional 'oh no error' app crash on mobile when loading or resuming the app. 

Promises not being removed from private streams.

Users could sometimes see streams from different teams in one team.

Chat link on the person profile was not creating or opening the private stream with that person.

Issue with member removed activities in the streams list.

Left or deleted teams weren't being being removed from the team switcher.

On occasion the save button can appear above the keyboard on mobile.

Fixed styling issues in the person settings screen.

Added an exception to strip hash tags from file names causing file upload issues.

Time zone was not displaying in the notification settings.

DND selection screen was not always accessible on mobile.

Fixed various styling issues with comments in streams.

Fixed various issues with image & video previews in streams.

Fixed styling issues in the create promise screens.

Fixed styling issues in the team switcher.

Occasional image upload failures.

New teams weren't synchronising across all clients in real time.

Cancelling a new team creation could generate an 'oh no error' app crash.

Random stream usage could generate a UI breaking JS error.

New messages marker appearing below date headers in chat.

Broken edit team screen layout on desktop.

Occasional my streams reloading as everyone's streams.

Fixed a styling issue in the update caption screen.

Incorrect default weekly frequency for stream reports.

Adding and removing files while editing comments could break the comment.

Member removed activities were missing data.

Deleted comments should synchronise across all clients in real time.

Unable to update user & team pictures.

Adjusted the behaviour of chat loading for entering / existing streams.


We hope this release improves your Samewave experience. As always, we'd love to hear your feedback! Don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts, good or bad. Just email us or drop us a message through the help chat on the right of your browser!

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