Where teams keep their promises.

Track your commitments to each other and start getting things done.

Teams run on promises. But promises are easy to make and hard to keep.

They have a way of getting forgotten - lost in a sea of email, aimless chat and unread reports.

Samewave captures all your promises in one place and measures progress... and what gets measured gets done.

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Easy to make, easy to keep.

Promise a task

Create and share single goals or task lists with deadlines.

Promise a target

Own your number! Easily define one-off or repeating targets.

Track progress

See everyone's progress in real time scoreboards and get regular reports.

Chat it through

Create streams to share files and discuss your scoreboards.

Technology built on science fact.

Samewave is centred around two powerful phenomena.

Promise-Based Management

Promises are at the heart of every company and help ensure
work gets done. Without promises, nothing would be achieved. But, all too often and despite the myriad of organisational tools designed to translate your strategy into action, poorly crafted promises are usually the underlying reason behind failure.

Promise-Based Management is the best-practice approach to managing commitments in a systematic way but most importantly, focuses on making a good promise.

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Social Discipline

Almost every organisation has suffered from the adverse effects of broken promises and poor group motivation. These issues are driven by deep-rooted psychological factors and can be extremely difficult to manage. Moreover, they can have a significant detrimental impact on long-term performance and engagement.

Social Discipline is a powerful psychological management tool that combines acting in accordance with rules with the effects of social influence and responsibility to ensure compliance.

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Get your team on the samewave, for free.

Samewave delivers on its promises.

Smart teamwork

Seamless chat, shared files & notifications make working
together a breeze.

Total accountability

Keep your whole team on point. Everyone knows who's doing
what and when.

Live progress

Scoreboards show team progress highlighting who's winning and
who needs help.

Real-time management

Problems and opportunities don't wait for team meetings, nor should management.


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