Meet Less, Do More.

Easily track and talk about the important stuff with the scoreboard for your whole team.

“No more pointless

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The scoreboard for your whole team.

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Track targets, checklists and actions from anywhere.

With SameWave management escapes sporadic inefficient meetings and happens all the time wherever you are.

When promises get kept targets get met

When everyone knows that everyone else knows what they have to do… they get it done, and the team hits its goals.

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Join our characters as they defeat the management meeting monster with the SameWave robot… it’s a must see!

Inside the Stream - the management meeting killer.

Track Promises...

The scoreboard tracks targets – so you hit your numbers, checklists – so you always take care of the basics, and actions – so you always keep your promises. Everything uses simple traffic light colours to show your progress and quickly highlight where you are winning and losing.

A stream is what we call the combination of a scoreboard and the conversation around it. You can build as many different streams as you need and only people with the relevant permissions can see the information and join the discussion.

Samewave - Work Smart

...Confront the

When something starts glowing red it’s hard to ignore. So whether you find out you’ve made too many promises (we see this a lot) or one of the team is struggling to deliver and needs support - SameWave makes it easy to prioritise effort in exactly the right place.

...start winning.

And just as important as quickly spotting issues is the feeling you get when you turn your circle green. In SameWave it’s not just the duties that get scored - every person gets a traffic light colour too. Hitting green status gives you public recognition that motivates and peace of mind that you’re winning.



The numbers, the KPIs, the goals, the targets – measure the numbers that drive your business.


Quality comes from doing the simple stuff relentlessly. Checklists make good habits stick.


When you make promises in SameWave they get noted and you are always held to account.

Balanced Scorecard (BSR)


Dr. Robert S. Kaplan

Management by objectives (MBO)


Peter Drucker

The Checklist Manifesto


Atul Gawande

Promise-based management (PBM)


Dr. Donald Sull

SameWave's scoreboard is driven by three metrics developed from proven business methodologies.

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Harness the power of Social Discipline.
In SameWave, everyone knows the score.

Introducing the phenomenon

Peer accountability massively increases your focus – meaning you keep your promises – and massively increases your sense of satisfaction when you do a great job.

The effect on your business? A big leap in staff engagement and new levels of focus and delivery.


Performance Management for the rest of us

SameWave's super simple approach to scoring people's efforts makes the well-established benefits of performance management more accessible than ever. By tracking numbers to be hit, regular tasks, and specific projects you can define someone's entire relationship with the team, and get immediate traffic signal feedback on progress.

This clarity massively simplifies management and makes it clear to everyone in the team what they should be doing.

Over 50 years of research

The psychological principle behind Social Discipline is called The Free Rider Problem. The facts are that in a team environment when there is no penalty for under performance and no recognition of over delivery people simply stop trying. Explore further with our free whitepapers.

Don’t just take our word for it.

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“We’ve brought accountability into the business. Which is really important to us.”

Barnaby Lashbrooke, CEO, Time etc

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“It’s made us really think about the behaviours we want to institutionalise.”

Tina Judic, MD, Found

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