It's about time chat got productive.

Collaboration and performance management for goal-oriented teams.


With unity and clarity, comes accountability and responsibility.

Smart Teamwork

Seamless chat, shared files & notifications make working
together a breeze.

Total Accountability

Keep your whole team on point. Everyone knows who's doing
what and when.

Live Progress

Scoreboards show team progress highlighting who's winning and
who needs help.

Real-time Management

Problems and opportunities don't wait for team meetings, nor should management.

Samewave is made to measure...
and what gets measured, gets done!

Chat with purpose

Keep the conversation focused on what matters by mentioning your team members, and highlighting files and goals for attention.

Track progress with goals

Create, assign, track and talk about the key objectives and targets that will get your mission accomplished.

Putting the 'team' in Stream.

The power of team chat and 
performance measurement combined.

Don't miss a beat with stream reports.

Custom reporting set to your teams rhythm

A scoreboard for every team, a narrative for every goal and a performance status for every person. Truly actionable insight.

The pillars of Samewave are four proven business methodologies…
Balanced Scorecard
Pioneered by Dr. Robert S. Kaplan
Management By Objectives
Pioneered by Peter Drucker
The Checklist
Pioneered by Atul Gawande
Promise-Based Management
Pioneered by Dr. Donald Sull

Technology built on science fact.

Hello teamwork, meet Social Discipline.

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Watch an overview

"Management meetings should be the time you get the MOST out of your team."


The beta release is a version of our free plan and includes the following:






  • Teams
    Bring your team together and watch productivity soar.
  • Individuals
    Track your own personal goals and measure progress over time.
  • Tasks
    Create and assign tasks for the goals that need to get ticked off.
  • Targets
    Create and assign targets for numerical goals, whether high or low.
  • Multi-team switching
    Working in different teams? Jump quickly and securely between them.
  • Chat
    Discuss the progress of your goals with your team members.
  • File storage
    Upload files directly or link from your Dropbox account.
  • Scoreboards
    Check the progress of collections of goals in one place.
  • Group streams
    Invite small groups or whole teams to join the conversation.
  • Private streams
    Keep your one-on-one conversations to yourselves.
  • Search
    Comprehensive app-wide search surfaces everything in an instant.
  • Pinboard
    Pin anything so your important items are close at hand.
  • Notifications
    If you need to know, you'll be notified, whether you're in the app or not.
  • Stream reports
    Comprehensive summaries of progress set to the rhythm you choose.
  • Real-time data sync
    No doubting the accuracy of your numbers. Your data is always up-to-date.


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